Matex services

The supply and commissioning of its specialised products marked “K-Fire System” such as :

Matex Services, created in 2008, is dedicated to developing new Technical Systems and Products for fire-fighting and industrial safety fields.

To INNOVATE, Matex Services, benefits from the long experience and knowledge of its management and consultants, all specialised in the field of fire-fighting and thoroughly recognised within the important engineering companies in charge of fire systems, engineering, production and installation.

Matex Services, has first, started to share its know-how and expertise, in new concepts with some important industrial companies, potentially interested in using creative patented innovations.

Since 2018, Matex Services has developed, mainly for European Market, new products under the brand name of “K-Fire Systems”.

Matex Services, is now able to offer to its clients, innovating, specialised or traditional products, that have had successful feedback from the end users; thus giving the professional end user the quality assurance they need where matters of safety are paramount. Matex Services organises with its European partners, production of the systems in France, Italy, England and Luxembourg. The factories are all ISO 9001 certified to ensure the customers of production quality.

Matex Services is equipped with the necessary control facilities in order to verify, if needed, the conformity of the products to the required specifications.
The control stations are equipped with the latest modern control instrumentation.

Matex Services also provides Commissioning and After Sales Service of its products and systems directly at the end users plants and sites in Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa, with the help of the local distributors.

Matex Services will be present at specialised exhibitions such as Fire Brigade Congress & Expo protection show in France. For other countries, please refer to the information available on our web site.